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A. SPADARO, «Tom Waits: "... e l'alba esplose come una frustrata"», in La Civiltà Cattolica 2007 I 551-564

The Jesuits Love Tom Waits

A soul kind of feeling

We'll All Be Safe from Satan

Why the Jesuits like Tom Waits

Pope against Bob Dylan, Jesuit for Tom Waits:

Drugs, alcohol and sex.....

Chocolate Jesus

The Jesuits Love Tom Waits

Music book - Even if Perceptions Change, Beauty Finds a Way to Remain

The Rundown

Fist of Tom Waits vs. the Pope

Could the Jesuits have found a rock oddball who embodies the softer
side of Christianity?

Jesuits give thanks for rocker Waits's voice of hope,20867,21403300-2703,00.html

Vatican hails Waits and savior of the marginalized